MTAG Switzerland’s main expertise consists of supplying solutions for vacuum degassing of liquid steel using mechanical dry pumping systems.

The Vacuum Degassing process, an essential step in the secondary metallurgy of steel, allows for a more precise removal of certain gaseous elements to successfully attain even the most complicated steel grades. We are capable of designing and delivering an extensive range of installation starting from a 5t liquid steel ladle capacity up to 300t.

Specialized in:

Our strength is the management of customized projects which starts with the concept phase up to the commissioning and acceptance by the customer including:

  • VD – Vacuum Degassing
  • VCD – Vacuum Carbon Deoxidation
  • VOD – Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization
  • RH – Rheinmetal Heraeus
  • VOH – Vacuum Oxygen Heating
  • VMD – Vacuum Metal Distillation
  • VAR – Vacuum Arc Refining
  • VAD – Vacuum Arc Degassing
  • VIT – Vacuum Ingot Teaming
  • Alloying Systems


Best control of metallurgical reactions due to tailor-made pump down curves. These curves are defined together with the client during start up according to the customer specific process conditions (steel grade, free board, degassing times, etc.) and result in time saving, less overflow, less operators’ responsibility.
• Substantial reduction in energy consumption by the design of multiple stage mechanical pump sets, large availability, and reduction of operational fluids.
• Easy and safe handling of fine dust.
• Strongly shortened pump down time thus lowering the cost for overheating the melt in the LF and increasing the quality by longer fine vacuum treatment times (reduction of Hydrogen and Nitrogen).
• Environmental Benefits: reduced CO2 fingerprint; no water contamination; no dust exhaust.
• Integrated solution for Process and Plant Automation (level 1 + 2 Automation).