Wire Feeding Machines (WFM)

MTAG Switzerland’s state of the art multiple wire feeding machines for cored wire or full wire is a heavy duty system characterized by its high degree of reliability, long life cycle, and production optimization.
MTAG Switzerland’s system for all wire types enables the wire or cored wire to be injected directly into the liquid steel at a variety of metallurgical stations reliably and with precision.

The future in mind, MTAG Switzerland has designed a compact, unique modular system offering extension modules which can transform a basic 2-line wire feeding machine into a 4, 6- or more line machine with wire diameters of up to 19 mm (approx. 0.748″).
By simply placing e.g. two modules on top of the basic modules, your 2 –wire feeding machine has been transformed in to 6-wire feeding machine. The systems are also equipped with apneumatic cylinders to adjust to the clamping force of each line.


  • High degree of reliability and availability
  • Various motor sizes: 18.5kW / 30Kw
  • Wire feeding speed of 0-400 m/min
  • Wide diameter range of 6-19mm