At MTAG Switzerland, our priority is to satisfy our customers needs through our long-lasting experience in international partnerships, co-operation and consulting. Our focus is on the improvement of your competitive position and we deliver this throughout extensive practical experience in the development and designing of structures, equipment, and complete machines.

We support our customers with the following innovative consulting:

  • Development of new procedures, processes and products
  • Technology and know-how transfer
  • Economical solutions in line with market requirements
  • Practice related transfer of customer expectations based on interdisciplinary engineering
  • Customized design
  • Realization of ideas to the point of sale
  • Revamping


Our consulting commitment is unprejudiced, practice related and we can offer the following:

  • Analysis of companies (structure, organisation, procedures, products, costs etc.)
  • Marketing studies
  • Integrated planning
  • Investment analysis
  • Others on request

For customer without the availability of such an infrastructure, we are able to offer these services.