Automatic Argon Coupling Systems (AMCS)

Automatic Argon Coupling System, used on Ladle transfer cars, Ladle Turrets, at Ladle treatment stations, and even in Vacuum tanks, was developed to address one of the most dangerous activities within a steel mill, the manual coupling process of stirring gas into the ladle.  The robust design ensures mill-worthiness in even the harshest of environments.

Designed to be used with single and dual plug ladles, the Automatic Argon Coupling System is mounted stationary or at a transit location, ready for the automatic connection of the gas hose to the porous plug located on the ladle. After the ladle is placed near the coupling unit, it is activated and completes the gas connection to commence the stirring process.

Each ladle has a funnel installed at the connector to aid a gastight connection. The spring-loaded suspension of the cylinder and the connection turret are engineered to facilitate large coupling tolerances, which compensate for small errors in the ladle positioning and location, common in the meltshop.

With MTAG Switzerland’s Automatic Argon Coupling System, available as a single line or twin line, customer benefit from:

Increased Safety:

Eliminates operators fatigues and provides adequate distance for operating personnel fromharmful heat and pollutants.

Automatic retraction in the event of pressure loss:

The proprietary “break away” bolt design protects expensive machinery in case of severe misalignment and forced rapid departure of the ladle.

Enhanced Consistency and Repeatability:

AMC provides the most rapid connection possible to minimize the gas purging interruption and avoid blockage of the plugs.

Low Maintenance:

The funnels are mounted at the ladles and require no heat-sensitive seals. MTAG Switzerland’s connection nozzle was designed to withstand high heat and pressure. Complete equipment enclosures provide protection from dirt and contamination, as well as possible overflows.

Increased Efficiency:

An exclusive horizontal pneumatic cylinder actuation permits precise timing of actual connection and the start of gas flow. Reduced Coupling Failures.


  • SRMC Single Line Automatic Argon Coupling
  • TRMC Twin Line Automatic Argon Coupling
  • MCP Media Control Panel
  • FC Flow Controller
  • BOS Booster System for de-clogging
  • WCJ Water Cooled Jacket (for Vacuum Degassing Applications)