About the company

MTAG Switzerland is an international engineering corporation specialized in the development of innovative, efficient and modernized solutions for the Steel Industry. Our experience enables us to provide our customers with innovative technological solutions and products.

We became leaders in secondary metallurgy technology solutions by supporting the production of high-quality steel for almost 30 years.

Our high-performing products, team forward-looking spirit, power to work towards effectiveness, create our continuously adapting business for providing new ways to meet consumer’s demands.

We believe that by developing innovative and creative products, enhancing our customer’s industrial development, we sustain them in achieving their goals.

We deliver in every part of the world responsively and responsible.

In response to the steel industry rapid globalization and to customer-increased demands for highly competitive and diverse complementary services and products, we are currently transforming our corporation.

We are developing new research and development projects, expanding our portfolio with new business lines that will soon be available on worldwide market.

Use our knowledge for your evolution.
Together we define the future.